The Perl College
What is The Perl College?
The Perl College is a creative merger of job training and job fairs. Here are its primary goals:
  • Provide free top quality training to qualified junior level Perl developers
  • Improve their Perl skills to the intermediate level
  • Match the new graduates with Perl jobs in the hiring companies
Perl College Students
Perl College Sponsors
  • Hiring companies sponsor The Perl College
  • Enlarge the community of qualified intermediate level Perl coders
  • Recruit from a pool of motivated and well trained Perl job seekers
  • The number of sponsorships is limited
It's a Win/Win/Win
  • Perl job seekers get free top quality training
  • Hiring sponsors get direct access to a pool of qualified Perl job seekers
  • The Perl community and Damian Conway are supported
The Origin of The Perl College
The Perl College was created to address these issues in recruiting Perl coders:
  • A shortage of intermediate level Perl developers
  • A surplus of junior level Perl developers
    • Some are not developing Perl full time
    • Many are looking for a career developing Perl but can't get needed training and experience
  • Companies lacking the resources to train Perl developers