Perl Job Employers
Perl Recruitment Issues
As a company trying to hire quality Perl developers, you probably have some common recruitment issues. You are:
  • A growing Perl shop
  • Having difficulties getting qualified candidates for your Perl jobs
  • Needing access to the best developers in the Perl community
  • Lacking the resources to train junior developers
  • Interested in making your Perl recruitment process more productive and efficient
Advantages for Employers
The Perl Hunter is the solution to your company's hiring needs. We have worked with many different companies and helped them with their Perl recruitment issues. The Perl Hunter will:
  • Get you job applicants that match your requirements extremely well
  • Be an agency that can speak Perl with your developers
  • Be an agency which is well connected in the Perl community
  • Not send you buzzword matched resumes
  • Give you personal and professional service.
Working with The Perl Hunter
  • We will learn about your Perl and company culture
  • Only well matched candidates will be submitted to you
  • Communication will be timely and effective
  • Submit your Perl jobs to