Hiring Sponsors
Common reasons why your company would want to become a sponsor are:
  • Your Perl shop is growing
  • Difficulties in getting qualified candidates for your Perl jobs
  • Limited resources to train junior developers
  • A desire to enlarge the pool of qualified Perl developers
  • A mission to contribute back to the Perl community
Benefits of being a sponsor of The Perl College
  • A pre-screened, pre-selected group of well trained Perl developers.
  • Students are trained by the top Perl educator, Damian Conway
  • Opportunity to recruit from a pool of 30 qualified Perl job seekers
  • Formal and informal interviews with the students
  • A dedicated time slot to present your company and job openings to the class
  • Optionally send a representative to observe students and conduct interviews
Additional Training Seats Available
  • Sponsors can purchase seats to train their existing Perl staff.
  • This is limited to five total seats
  • Send email to for more on purchasing seats in the classes
Sponsor Requirements
  • Have current open requisitions for intermediate Perl developers
  • Participate in an interview about your Perl shop and company culture
  • State if you are able to help with relocating job candidates or if telecommuting is allowed
  • The Perl Hunter is your exclusive agent for the students for six months after these classes are over
Sponsor Fee
  • The sponsor fee is $4000
    • That is only $133 per qualified job applicant
  • The sponsor fee must be paid in full before the classes start
  • The number of sponsorships is limited so don't wait. Early sign up will guarantee that you will get a slot
  • Save $400 on your sponsorship fee if paid in full before March 31, 2008
  • The Fee can be paid in several ways:
    • Check
    • Wire transfer
    • Paypal (they support major credit cards)
  • Purchase orders or invoices can be arranged if requested
  • A 50% rebate on the sponsorship fee
    • Limited to the the first ten sponsors who make placements generated by the Perl College
    • Limit of one rebate per hiring sponsor
    • The rebate will be deducted from the invoice for the placement
  • Don't delay. Sign up for your sponsorship today.
    • Send email to